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Naval Battle System

Post by Doyler on Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:43 am


DON'T MAKE YOUR NAVIES YET, this is a beta and it won't be final until people start leaving some goddamn feedback.

First and foremost, the system I have in mind would be extremely tedious and complicated when used with a large number of ships. So I'm proposing each faction has a small number of ships, but insted treasures them dearly and not just throws them away for slaughter like you do with soldiers. It'd create a sence of attachment to your naval units and make room for a personality, rather than just "those 50000 swordmen"

for some reason this reminds me of pokemon.. but thats a good thing, I like pokemon! xD

[Sabotage Phase] Only applicable if SNEAKY-type submarines are present on one or both sides. The available submarines perform their tasks and sabotage the enemy fleet before the battle. This isn't very urgent yet, I'll work it out later.

[Siege Phase] Only applicable if ships with long-range weapons such as trebuchets or rockets are present. This isn't very actual either yet.

[Skirmish Phase]
Ranged weapons are used as described below. Effects applied. Nothing fancy.

[Boarding Phase] Applicable if grapple shot was successfully used by anyone on anyone. The formula goes like this:

crew size x crew skill x number of ships in squadron + 200% of a roll

- whoever scores a higher number wins the melee
- those who won the melee keep their captured ships if they win the battle, otherwise they are returned to their owners
- squadrons that arent boaring anything behave as in skirmish phase
- squadrons engaged in boarding cannot be targeted by ranged weapons (can be rammed)

[Duel Phase] Whatever remained after the above repeats skirmish phase until a side has been defeated. Grapple shot cannot be used.

I encourage that everybody makes a separate navy topic in their faction forum and specify their strategies. Don't forget to state when to retreat from the battle! (example: retreat after 50% casualties) or you will lose your whole fleet if the battle goes badly. Retreating from a battle counts as a loss, meaning you lose all dismasted ships and those with damaged hull status.

Allright here we go, i have found a way to have any amount of ships in your fleet. The fleet is divided in squadrons - each squadron consist of one type of ship, so taht they can move freely and not as fast as the slowest member. This also simplifies the issuing of orders. Example:

Squadron 1
200 galleys

Squadron 2
50 warships

Squadron 3
10 battleships

Each squadron can be issued their own order each phase. The available orders depend on the ship type - you can choose any ammo type that can be fired from weapons mounted on that type of ship. Each squadron can attack one enemy squadron at a time. Example:

(don't confuse flaming bolt and flaming shot.. might rename to make it clearer)

Squadron 1
Enemy squadron 2 - Ram

Squadron 2
Enemy Squadron 2 - Heavy Bolt

Squadron 3
Enemy squadron 3 - Flaming Shot

So. Each roll is made, if succesful, the damage of the attack is multiplied by the amount of ships in the squadron. The sum is deducted from the enemy ships's hitpoints multiplied by the number of ships in the target squadron. Example:

Enemy Suadron 1
100 warships = 10,000 hitpoints
takes Ram damage 30x200 = 6,000 damage
60 ships lost*

I know this is crude, I'll refine it later. *I'll also increase ship hitpoints of course. Something separate will have to be done with effects such as fire - your squadron rolls 82 on flaming bolt and sets every enemy ship on fire? Even I am not that casual to realism. Well, wadda ya think so far? I want feedback!


There's a number of different weapons that can be planted on ships. Each weapon has an array of ammunition. Some weapons will not be available on standard ships, you'll see which and why.

Damage – This is constant and is inflicted if the attack hits.

Spread – The attack hits only if it rolls this number or above

Ship Evasion – modifies the spread roll against that ship

Status – some ammo types have special properties that inflict a status on the enemy, each status is exlplained later

An archaic tool, it is still just as effective as ever. Galleys can use this to damage larger ships. Can be used on medium ships and above.

Damage - 20
Spread - 40
Roll 80+ to damage the target's hull.

Light Ballista
This weapon cannot fire any advanced projectiles, but is exceptionally accurate, making it effective against small ships.

Light Bolt
Damage – 20
Spread – 10

This weapon can fire an array of advanced projectiles, and is effective against medium ships and above.

Heavy Bolt
Damage – 30
Spread – 20

Flaming Bolt
Damage – 30
Spread – 40
Roll 80+ to set the target on fire.

Grapple Shot
Damage – 0
Spread – 40
Captures the target to allow for aboardage. Can only be used on ships of the same class or lighter.

Chain Shot
Damage – 10
Spread – 60
Roll 80+ to dismast the target.

Repeating Ballista (NOT AVAILABLE)
This weapon fires multiple projectiles at the enemy and is effective against medium ships and above.

Damage – 40
Spread - 20

Magasine Shot
Damage – 50
Spread – 40

This weapon can fire an array of powerful advanced projectiles. Effective against heavy ships.

Solid Shot
Damage – 60
Spread – 50

Flaming Shot
Damage – 60
Spread – 70
Roll 80+ to set the target on fire.

Fuel Bomb
Damage – random
Spread – 50
-Damage calculated by a separate roll. If the attack misses, the damage is inflicted on a random friendly squardon. A true gamble!

This weapon can fire solid shots over long distances. Can be used against heavy ships.

Solid Shot
Damage – 70
Spread – 50
Used on siege phase


Galley/light ship

Cost - 1,000f
Hull strength – 150
Crew size/skill - 50/1
Evasion + 10
Armament – light ballista and ram

Warship/medium ship

Cost - 4,000f
Hull strength – 300
Crew size/skill - 200/1
Evasion 0
Armament – light ballista and ballista

Battleship/heavy ship

Cost - 10,000f
Hull strength – 600
Crew size/skill - 500/1
Evasion -10
Armament – light ballista, ballista and catapult

Barbary Xebec/special light ship

Hull Strength - 100
Evasion + 30
Crew size/skill - 100/3
Armament - none
- Cannot be issued orders during skirmish phase
- Roll 40+ in boarding phase to board the enemy, otherwise wait one turn and try again (ninjas dont need grapples and ropes, they can jump! HOOOAAAHH!!)
I had to include this because these things are present in many fleets now

There will be less navy qialities, and the stat difference will be much more substantial. The qiualities aren't tiered, but rather reflect different strengths.

- default stats and cost

x2 cost
+150% hull strength
-30 evasion

x3 cost
+1 crew skill
+20 evasion

Reinforced Veteran

x4 cost
+1 crew skill
-20 evasion

Pirate (not available)
default cost
-25% hull strength
+1 crew skill
+10 evasion

On fire – as the fire spreads, the afflicted ship takes 10 damage on the turn after the status was inflicted, 20 on the next, 30 on the next and so on. Burning ships are doomed and are always destroyed after the battle ends, even if they still have hitpoints left.
Damaged hull - as the ship takes on water, it takes 10 damage on the turn after the status was inflicted, 20 on the next, 30 on the next and so on. Damaged ships can be restored to function if the battle was won and the ship has hitpoints left. Otherwise destroyed.
Dismasted – evasion decreased by 30. Dismasted ships are counted as POW if the battle is lost, restored to function otherwise.

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