La Repubblica de Venezia

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La Repubblica de Venezia

Post by Doyler on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:55 am

Trade Items:
Merci prodotte della Repubblica
Textiles, linen, cloth, wine, plate armour, chainmail, various weapons, dyes

Raw Materials:
oil, salt, fish, beef, goats-milk, vegetables, other alimentary products, timber, wax, gold, copper, iron, silver, cheese, spices

Rare or Expensive Materials:
Marble, Glass, perfumes

Items gotten from Trade
Iron, from the Ottomans
Silk, from the Ottomans
Gunpowder, from the Turkish Sultanate of Anatolia
Dates, from Palestine
Sardinian Wine, from the Despot of Sardinia
Gold, from the Kingdom of Wallachia
Leather, from the Republic of Marseille
Ivory, from Marrakia
Pottery, from the Greeks
Salt, from the Confederacy of the Rhine
Gunpowder, from the Turkish Sultanate of Anatolia

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