Forces of the League

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Forces of the League

Post by Pickle on Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:34 am

Troop Types


Lufredonians (Q6)- Manfredonia and Luceria have been allies for as long as anyone can remember and fight in combined units, known as Lufredonians. These men are the elite of the League's armies as the wealth possessed by these two states allows them to supply their sons with heavy armour and fine weaponary. These men make up the bulk of the league's armies.

Gerumum Infantry (Q4)- Gerumum is a mountainous region known for it's livestock and cattle, so it is no surprise that the majority of men from this region fight on horseback as skirmishers. Those who cannot afford horses fight on foot with javelins in a support role.

Barium Infantry (Q5)- The hoplites of the Kingdom of Barium are known for their finely coloured armour and clothes, supplied by their eccentric King. Making an intimidating impression on the field

Sarentine Infantry (Q4)- Sarentum is regarded as the breadbasket and fish pond of the league, so when forcea are called up from the state it is clear times are desparate. Sarentines are usually armed with very standard hoplite armour which is of a low grade, stored for years with no use. They wear a sash of green cloth to tell them from their comrades.

Sirisian Marines (Q6)- Siris is a seafaring nation so the pike never took off in the tiny state. Sirisian marines are often sent ashore for raids and to bulk out numbers, armed with long swords and bucklers.

Calabrian Infantry (Q4)- Calabrians have never really been trusted in the League's armies so the Calabrians are almost always seen in a reserve role, if they are on the field at all. With few weapons available the Calabrians use poor quality pikes and shields.


Gerumum Cavalry (Q6)- Shepherds and herder excell in the role of cavalry as their expireince on the horse dates back years. These men are used in a harassing role with javelins having no armour to speak of.

Support Troops

Sirisian Bowmen (Q6)- The bow is a useful weapon on any warship but also fares equally well on land. These men are called up from their ships for battle on land when the need arises.

Slave Levy (Q3)- The League's economy is strenghtned by slaves from rival states. These men can be called up with slings when the need arises to defend their masters

Current Roster


4,000 Lufredonians- 280,000
1,000 Barium Infantry- 55,000
1,000 Sirisian Marines- 70,000
500 Gerumum Infantry- 17,500
1,000 Calabrian Infantry- 55,000


500 Gerumum Cavalry- 70,000

Support Troops

1,000 Sirisian Bowmen- 70,000

Total Men Available- 10,000

Total Expenditure on Army- 617,500

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