Illyrian Mercenary Camp

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Illyrian Mercenary Camp

Post by Mik on Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:28 pm

The finest Barbarian soldiers the world will ever see.

Illyiran Skirmishers Q6: Some of the best skirmishers in the world. Armed with heavy javelins, leather or chain mail and a short sword and shield combo.

1000 Soldiers for 8,000 Denarius (Or whatever the Romans had)

Swordsmen Q5: Barbarian swordsmen good at a melee. Wearing leather armour or chain mail if they are lucky. Armed with a long sword.

1500 for 7,000 Denarius (Or whatever the Romans had)

Cavalry Q5: Light Cavalry armed with a long spear and swords. Armoured in leather and carrying a metal shield.

800 for 8,000 Denarius (Or whatever the Romans had)

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